Chi ha frequentato l’Unima degli anni 80 / 90 avrà sicuramente incontrato Edi Majaron dove ha ricoperto numerosi incarichi e dove all’epoca rappresentava la Jugoslavia. Originario di Lubiana oggi capitale della Slovenia Edi Majaron è un esperto delle marionette in pedagogia ma non solo, ha frequentato l’accademia di Praga, poi ha partecipato a diverse compagnie. Nel 1992 è stato l’organizzatore del Congresso Mondiale dell’Unima che ebbe luogo a Lubiana. Oggi si conferma come uno delle maggiore figure del teatro Sloveno. Per l’insieme del suo impegno per il teatro di figura, il Centro Unima Slovenia ha nominato Socio Onorario.

Riassunto in inglese del CV di Edi Majaron

EDI MAJARON, born 1940 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After studies at The Academy for Music in Ljubljana he had finished postgraduate study of violoncello at AMU in Prague and started a rather successful career as soloist.

He formed his first puppet theatre in 1954 being active there as puppeteer and director till 1975. (Nowadays the group worked on as Puppet theatre Jože Pengov) He also collaborated with former Jože Pengov in some performances in Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (1955-64).Studying at AMU in Prague, he profited lessons at former Chair for Puppetry (dr.Erik Kolar was dean in that time). Till 1979 he worked as freelance puppet-director and musician-cellist. In the period 1979 – 84 he worked as artistic manager in Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (Puppet theatre Ljubljana).In 1991 he founded a new puppet group Freyer Teater where he directs and artistically manages the work.

He directed nearly 90 shows in different professional puppet theatres in Slovenia, Croatia,

Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Poland, Italy and Belarus. His directions were based on texts from Aristofanes and Shakespeare until contemporary (mainly important Slovene) authors for adults and for children. Great number of his shows were presented at important international festivals, as in Charleville-Mezieres, Bielsko-Biala, Minsk, Cervia, Perugia, Magdeburg, Bochum, Silkeborg, Dordrecht, Tolosa, Barcelona, Bekesczaba, PIF-Zagreb, Festival of the child Šibenik, Bugojno, Jerusalem, Teheran, Tokyo, Chon-Chon(South Korea) etc

His shows are recognisable through active message to the contemporary audience, using different kinds of puppets, supposed to alive actor in metaphorical function. His specific is also alive music, sang and produced on stage by actors.

Many of his shows were awarded by prices for direction, music or integral impression. He won one of the highest awards for cultural activity in Slovenia-Prešeren’s Found (1988) and also international awards Sirena d’Oro (Cervia, 1984) and Pulcinella d’Oro (Bari, 1994) for his contribution to the international collaboration of puppeteers, and The Little Prince Award (Subotica, 2006) for his contribution to the art for children. He was artistic organiser of the international puppet festival in Ljubljana LUTKE, organised periodically from 1983. His international work is tied with UNIMA, he was member of Executive Committee from 1980 until 2000, collaborator of Professional Training Commission, chairman of the Research Commission and responsible for the commission Puppet in Education, where he is active also nowadays.

He wrote also scenic music, generally for his shows. For Television Slovenia he recorded on video some puppet and music serials, as Chamber Music through centuries, Pictures & Music, In Sign of Twins, A Handspan of Fairytales, Fairytale about Tsar Saltan, etc. He writes also articles on puppetry, generally on dramaturgy and direction, puppet history (e.g. The Absolute Puppeteer Jože Pengov, 2004) and puppet in education (e.g. The Puppet – What a Miracle! 2002, edited by UNIMA, available also in French). He was editor and author of the articles on the puppet art in Slovenian Encyclopaedia.

From 1991 he teaches Puppetry for students of different departments at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education as full professor. He received the highest State prize in 2004 for his efforts on the field of educating by art and through art.

In 2004 he prepared the programme of the puppet-studies and helped to be opened a puppet and theatre department at the Art Academy in Osijek / Croatia, where he lectured until 2010 subjects on puppet animation.

He holds workshops “Puppets in Curriculum” for pre-school teachers and primary school teachers in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Beside, he had lectured in workshops “Importance of Theatre and Puppet” at the universities in Bari (Italy), Oulu (Finland) and Graz (Austria).

He collaborated also with Slovenian Academy of Sciences preparing the Vocabulary of theatre expressions (2007) and with UNIMA with articles for WEPA (2009).


Selection from the list of his most interesting directions, presented also at different festivals:

1972  Florian-Streda-Majaron, LUTKE STRIČKA JURJA (Uncle Greg’s Puppets),

         Puppet Theatre Jože Pengov, Ljubljana

1972  Florian-Majaron, TOBIJA, Pozorište lutaka Niš

1976    Levstik, MARTIN KRPAN, Puppet Theatre Mostar

1978  Puntar, BAJKA U PLAVOM (The Fairy-tale in Blue), Pozorište mladih Novi Sad

1980  Aristofan, PTICE (The Birds), Pozorište mladih Sarajevo

1985  Maksimović, AKO JE VEROVATI MOJOJ BAKI, Puppet Theatre Mostar

1986  Ostojić, ZLATOROG ( Goldhorn ), Puppet Theatre Mostar

1987    Teofrast, OGOVARANJA (Gossiping), Puppet Theatre Zagreb 

Aristofan, LIZISTRATA, Puppet theatre Ljubljana

1988  Grum, PROISŠESTVIJE U GORODU GOGA (The Event in the Town Goga),

         State Puppet Theatre of Belorus, Minsk

1988    Shakespeare, BURA (The Tempest), Little Theatre Duško Radović,Belgrade

1989  Brlić-Mažuranić-Čečuk, FISHERMAN PALUNKO, Puppet Theatre Zadar

1992    Čajkovski-Jakša, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Freyer Theatre Ljubljana

1993    Colodi-Lupi, PINOCHIO, Puppet Theatre Rijeka

1996    Dugac, MARRY’S  STORY, Puppet theatre Mostar  

1997    Waltl, THE  DONKEY  FROM  NAZARETH, Freyer Theatre Ljubljana

1998    Musorgskij - Gogolj: PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION, Puppet Theatre Rijeka

1999    Three Legends: SAN NICOLA E I BAMBIBI, Casa di Pulcinellla, Bari

2000    Piccini: LA  CECHINA, opera, Casa di Pulcinella, Bari

2003  Peroci-Majaron;HIŠICA IZ KOCK(The House of Cubes),Puppet Theatre Ljubljana

2004  Ionesco-Lupi: SVE O ŽAKLINAMA (All about Jaquelinnes) Puppet Theatre Rijeka

2005  Preussler-Lupi: MALA VJEŠTICA ( The Little Witch), Puppet Theatre Rijeka

2007  Dugac – Slama: ZVONIK V OBLAKU (The Belfry in the Cloud), Theatre Koper  

2008  Ghelderode: VELIKA SKUPNJAVA SV.ANTONA (The Great Temptation of

          St.Antoine), Puppet Theatre Ljubljana

Albert Bagno