alternative gaseous fuel
alternative gaseous fuel LPG :
alternative motor's propulsion system

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alternative gaseous fuel LPG : alternative motor's propulsion system


The tank has to be utilized exclusively for motor's propulsion system.
The tank has to be firmly fixed in the car.
The axis of orientation of the tank must always be horizontal.
In comparison with tangential plane of the tank, the inclination of metal-ring has to correspond to the angle of inclination of multivalve adopted.
To install the tank in the correct position see normatives in force.
The tank has a period of utilization for 10 (ten) years, these 10 years begin from the date of first (1st) installation.
At its maturity the tank must be substituted
During the above mentioned time the tank has an insurance policy
In the event of his installation in a subsequent period respect the date of its construction, the buyer has to guarantee the fit preservation.
In case of non-respect to the above mentioned regulations, the builder declines every responsibility.
Real capacity of tank is like the 80% of nominal capacity
The tank cannot be filled more than 80% of nominal capacity
The user has to check that this percentage is respected.
Over this percentage the tank can burst
In case of non-respect of above instruction, the constructor declines every responsibility
For tanks having a design pressure of 30 bar is obligatory the installation of safety devices as provided from normatives in force:
PRV= pressure relief valve to overpressure
PRD= pressure relief device to overpressure (fuse)

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