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We are specialist in the production of containers for the use of LPG
( liquified petroleum gases )
in propulsion system of a vehicles as well as it manufactures tanks and recipients for industrial use.
We supply a complete package too
It has been on the market for a long time.
The company headquarters are in Italy, where the factory units ant the offices can be found.

Our bonded warehouse is settled close to Budapest.

Our business philosophy is that through the manufacturing of our quality products we ensure the protection of the
environment we all live in.

In fact, the use of gas is much more friendly to the environment than the traditional fuels.
All our products are provided of the approvals required .

We keep export to the major european countries as well as to outside the European Community.

The continual and most modern technological innovation, the high production standards, the effectiveness of our quality
system, certificated UNI EN ISO 9002, have contributed to steady our growth and promoted us to the
most important manufacturers in this sector of the industry.

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